Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dessert Before Dinner

So this week, I've been *thinking* about my first recipe, but haven't executed it yet. (Obviously). This is due to me going batty due to
1) Finding a job
2) First week of my "diet"
3) Being a woman. Enough said.

So tonight, Sunday, I've decided to make brownies. Because that sounds like exactly what needs to be done in this situation, right?

These brownies are courtesy of Elana's Pantry. (Recipe found here). As mentioned in my previous post, she has been my inspiration for baking for the past 2 years. And when I say inspiration, I mean her recipes are 99.9% of my baking repertoire. She uses almond and coconut flours instead of wheat flours or complicated gluten-free mixes. In fact, what originally led me to her was her use of agave in her recipes (I have since moved to coconut palm sugar). See! My vegan, hippie, health nut baking style is creeping in.

The recipe was written for espresso fudge brownies, but I left out the espresso, so mine are just... brownies.

Subbed goat milk butter for shortening

 Added in a bit of Chocolove to get to the cup of chocolate

 Melted the chocolate and buttah

 Mixed in the coconut palm sugar, vanilla, eggs, salt
 Finished it off with some almond & coconut flour
Money shot

25 minutes later...

Yes, the monstrous puff goes away after it cools and it looks like a normal pan of brownies

And I actually let them cool for the full hour... willpower FTW. 

Oh yah

Elana, I'm not joking, these are the best brownies I've ever made. Gluten-free or gluten-filled -- best brownies I've ever made. Probably one of the best brownies I've ever had although I'm sure it was my baking expertise that led to their culinary perfection. ;)

So maybe these brownies aren't "diet" fare... but they're DAMN good, arguably healthier than your average brownie, and... well, I don't need to justify making brownies ;)

This Wednesday, I'm making my first recipe. I can't fail this blog already if I haven't even started! Chances are, I'll be doing a salsa/guacamole with a soup and salad from the book. Startin' off small, building up my confidence. Until then, I'll be enjoying these brownies.

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